Monday, November 30, 2009


i was bored looking through an old movement mag an found this photo an thought wow thats cool the photographers name was pablo franco there was a bit of a write up on him an his myspace page so i checked it out an theres some sweet photos so heres a couple for you viewing pleasures enjoy.


scotty thompson has been ripping of late good work kiddo thats is all.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


heres just some shots my mate kaineds took one time there pretty tight checkkk emmmm outttt.

Monday, November 23, 2009


This week end i was planing on having a quiet one i got through friday ok but saturday the boys were keen for a few brewskies an again i was easily influenced it was good fun but n thanks blakey for the pizzas f@#kingggggg sickkkkk c#@tttttttt whoaaaaahaaaaaa k heres some pics enjoy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


gagey in fine form.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


We woke up hung over as fuckk it was cloudy n looked like it was going to rain we where in a state of devastation because it was the day of bryceys birthday bash bryce was in high spirits thought cracking a beery at like 9 in the morning matty was soon to follow with them both backing it up with a few more brewskies n a shot of sambuca it had begun with both of them allready feeling it because of the amount of beers consumed the night before i couldnt think of n e thing worse refusing to hav a beer but n e way back to the story we rounded up a couple of the fellas went to the tip got some chairs a cricket set n a blow up pool that was a mission dan healy mitchy ross n myself driving back from the servo with it on the roof just me n mitchy holding on to the pool the servo dude just laughed at us but he was a sickk carrnnttttt helpin us blow it up so we got back to the block poggo was pumping tunes out of his car n the boys had began drinking we filled up the pool n cracked some drinks ourselves it was on started off pretty cruisey just basking in the sun the neighbours were gettin a bit suss on us tho n this old dude came stampin over THATS PRIVATE PROPERTY shauno blowing him off with pfff i own this block HE REPLIES IVE CALLED THE LAW THE LAW IS COMING hah we just laughed n we walked off with shauno gettin in a last call seeyaaaaaa. Back to it then the pool was half full by this time n the boys were just chilling in it then some one got the tramp out matt frontying it straight up followed by some gap jumps check out for some photos of the craziness n some other random stuff all in all it was a good day ive rattled on for a bit long so check out some pics peaceeee.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


It was friday arvo an cam called drinks at his all the fellas where there so shittt was gunna go down n it did with the boys getting creative n having a beat box rap battle it was pretty funny stuff then we were off to the commy for some more beverages and a good time by that time my memory was getting a bit fuzzy but i remember brycey gage chilling in the commy with his pants down and getting kicked out and shauno fliiping off the owner its a kinda had to be there situation but it was fun heres some pics.