Thursday, October 29, 2009


two nights ago i went to my mate simos house for a prem of the new flip dvd n it blew mind mind it was just down right ridiculous so much good skating n crazyyyyyy shit happening plus the amazing editing n sickkk tunesss so if u dont mind a roll check it out.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


"it would be so cool if he jumped 7 crates an a esky with a chair on his back oh god i have lived i have lived" simo perforning this amazing feat feast your eyes booommmm.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This is corey gilbert hes one kool cat n heres some pics for your viewing pleasures by the way gagey shot the frames.



This is perno hes a local bawley rat loves super fat barrels n havin a good time.


this is benny ridgeway former south coast shredder moved north in search of gold hers a couple frames boyahhhhhhh.


this is poggo hes a super chilled guy sickessssttt carntttttt yevverrr hers some frames of him surfing n cruzzinnn.


this is emma cobb ive been surfing with her for years n she farkkinn rips hayy sometimes its hard to keep up butt yeahh heres a few frames enjoy.


this is kaineds heres some shots of him at the snow he went down about 4 seasons ago n now he cant get enough of the place he kills it too k check them out whoaaaa.


this is nick smith aka smithers aka chesse whizz not sure about the story behind that that last one tho but this is an amazing shot taken by andrew kaineder definately should have been ran in a mag oh well there loss check it out weowwww.


this is phill cobb couple swweet frames enjoy.


this is my mate scotty hilder he doesn't really boog much now but he you's to rip so heres a couple frames.


heres just some more photos of the last two w/e n hopefuly many to follow k check them outttt.